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Light Love and Life

Project type

Painting Series


Mar 2023


Abu Dhabi

The Light Love and Life series demonstrates the journey of a key life element, which is light. Light travels a long journey in space, time, and gravity while interacting with various elements. It deflects from mountains, oceans, man-made buildings and devices, the mysterious object in nowhere, scientific devices, and ornaments, and reaches a new life. The mysterious object in nowhere bends the light, which in theory, can only be done by a black hole in nowhere. The inverted prism converts light into a color spectrum before converting it back into white light. This cleans the light of the dark part and re-adds the element of purity into it. The ornament on a female's earring demonstrates a heart that adds love to the light before it reaches new life. The message behind this artwork is to illustrate the priceless nature of light, nature, love, and life, which needs to be acknowledged, respected, and protected. It's important to understand their side of the story to see how light, love, and life travel a long journey through the depth of time and space before becoming what they are to us. Taking them for granted and displaying an ignorant attitude when protecting them defies the core philosophy of being human. Let's cherish and protect light, love, and life around us.

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